Is GW Epidiolex Better Than The CBD Products That I Can Buy Online?


In a nutshell

Epidiolex has been approved by the FDA, whereas CBD products largely are not. But the FDA has approved THC and CBD in the past. Epidiolex has side effects that include somnolence; decreased appetite; diarrhea; transaminase elevations; fatigue, malaise, and asthenia; rash; insomnia, sleep disorder, poor quality sleep, and infections. CBD products generally do not have such severe side effects.

First thing to remember about GW’s product, which is called Epidiolex, is that it has been approved by the FDA. Anyone saying “well, maybe CBD is just a fad. It is a placebo effect. Whatever.” The fact is, GW spent a huge amount of money getting it approved by regulatory agencies in the United States and other countries to prove that it is not a placebo. 

A placebo is a really interesting phenomenon, the whole thing, which is a much longer topic than we can get it to right now. But basically, if you give the group of people sugar pills and tell them that it might alleviate their “whatever,” 15-20 percent sometimes even more, can get relief from their “whatever.” This really complicates testing new drugs. Is this new drug really effective or is it the placebo effect? So that is a big part of the FDA procedure. 

The other part of this is, of course what you heard from the pharmaceutical ads on television. One of the side effects is death. So people have a serious problem and then they die…Are they dying because of their serious problem or because of this drug that’s meant to help them? They do start with animal testing and then they test human beings. But even after all of that when you see the ads on television, with side effect warnings, there are lawyers who are saying that if you took this drug that was approved by the FDA and you had this problem, let’s sue the bastards. This is basically part of how the FDA American medical system works. It is hugely expensive. So that’s why the wonderings of a war on drugs cost as much as they do for pharmaceutical drugs. The other reason is that pharmaceutical companies get, in effect, a monopoly for fifteen years or more. 

So you read up on something from the FDA. They have an approved CBD drug, and the label on the back says cannabidiol. They didn’t have to make up some unpronounceable name for it in order to sell, but then they have another division that comes up with a catchy name like Epidiolex, that might tell you that it had something to do with epileptics. So yes that’s right, we now have an FDA approved drug which allows parents to legally medicate their children with cannabis. And these children, some of them have been having epileptic seizures every few minutes since they were born, can find some relief. Isn’t it wonderful that GW discovered a way to prevent these seizures in little children? What kind of brilliant insight did genius this? 

Well, if we all see that in fact, children are being helped by a cannabinoid that occurs in nature that you can also buy over the counter for next to nothing when compared with the price of an FDA approved drug, where is the genius?

How did they get that idea? The idea that you could let children suffer and die until you get it through and approved by the FDA? What kind of breakthrough is that? What kind of medicine is it that lets children die? 

Horrible deaths and painful years, causing incredible anguish in families until we can get this approved by the FDA. And then they make huge markups on a product that you could, frankly, be able to make at home. And this, of course, is not the first time GW has done something like this; they have another somewhat similar product called Sativex.

You may have heard of the strain of cannabis called sativa. Well, that’s where the name Sativex comes from. After GW did all of this research to find out how to make a marijuana product that won’t get you high, but does, the hippies copied it and turned it into marijuana. Now then, the FDA has approved Sativex and has approved Epidiolex. So FDA has approved THC and it has approved CBD, but put them together in a plant and call it marijuana and it’s now a Schedule 1 drug that has no medical use. 

Now, if your product is so good, then why the hell do you have to try to get people arrested for using the plant on which it is based? 

GW did an awful thing when it employed some from the Drug Czar’s office to lobby against medical marijuana. That is a morally reprehensible thing. They were looking for a loophole in a totally corrupt system that is still persecuting sick and dying people. 

But there are war crimes going on and GW is supplying the war years. And that is not good medicine. 


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